A Few Details

During our first year producing Guitar Business Radio, we had a lot of folks approach us wanting to come on the show and talk about their products, services or the virtues of their company or organization. Unfortunately, we generally had to say no because it’s just not what we do on that show. But we’ve never lost sight of that interest and we thought, maybe it’s time to approach it with another vehicle in a unique way.

The new vehicle – a podcast, of course, would focus on companies, brands, products, services – that sort of thing. But it would be of the same caliber of show that we’re used to producing. You know, digging a little deeper, going further into the weeds, understanding the foundations and getting a bigger picture of the vision.

So it wasn’t hard to come up with the name of the show: GBR Focus. That’s what we’ll be doing on every episode. And like Guitar Business Radio, GBR Focus will bring diversity to our listeners. Our goal is always to produce shows that generate the maximum allowable value for our listeners. That should be referred to as the MAV. Not to be confused with MAP, MSRP, MPG or any other acronym.

Remember, as we’ve said many times – in the end, it’s got to be about value exchange all the way around. That’s the mission. If we don’t achieve that, we shouldn’t be here. But… we ARE here. We plan to stay here. And we hope you’ll be here with us.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have. If your company or organization would like to participate on an episode of GBR Focus, reach out and we’ll be glad to tell you about the process.